Recipe Blog #1 – Banana Bread

Welcome to the very first recipe blog from The Velveteen Rabbit family! Mixed up with added chocolate, raspberry and pear and, in the winter, apple and cinnamon, we like to think our banana bread recipe is EPIC! Learn more in our first recipe blog! We hope to share more cool recipes with you lovely people soon!

Recipe Blog #2 – Lime & Coconut cake

This is a gluten free recipe. Not that you would notice! It’s really zesty and fresh. The coconut evens out the tartness of the limes though. Giving it a lovely creaminess. Burfi is an Indian sweet. If you want to make it dairy free, leave off the coconut burfi topping.

Recipe Blog #3 – Chocolate Fudge Cake

This is a super soft chocolate cake, and the recipe will also make really good muffins too. Decorated with chocolate butter icing or fresh cream, this classic Chocolate Fudge Cake is known for disappearing from our counter as quickly as it appears. Now you can make your own at home by following our chocolate fudge cake recipe.

Recipe Blog #4 – Italian Doughnuts

So, this is a yeasted doughnut, takes a bit of time, but if you do it right, they taste amazing. They also smell fantastic. You can also bake them and make them into a split bun or a blackberry bun. Or you can fill them full of your favourite jam if you have a piping bag and nozzle!

Recipe Blog #5 – Blackberry Brioche Buns

We’ve made these buns as blackberry topped buns. But you can bake them plain and make them into Devonshire splits - those tasty devils filled with strawberry jam and fresh whipped cream. Or you can simply brush them with egg yolk and cover them in pearl sugar, or ice them afterwards and have them as finger buns. This recipe is very versatile!

Recipe Blog #6 – Tunisian Orange Cake

Gluten free and super moist. We’re a bit of a fan of cakes with syrups here at The Velveteen Rabbit Luncheon Club. They keep really well and, even though they are soaked in sugar, they aren’t too sweet. Check out the recipe for our Tunisian Orange Cake in our latest blog.

Recipe Blog #7 – Chocolate Torte

This recipe makes for a super indulgent Chocolate Torte, especially with the cookie dough base! This makes enough for a big tart. If you want to go super grown up and indulgent, whip some cream with amaretto, or your favourite liquor to serve it with.

Recipe Blog #8 – Cookie Dough

We use this cookie dough recipe as a base for our chocolate torte. And for our slutty brownie. And anything else that it might go with! Quick and easy to make. Delicious on its own and it helps add a layer of decadence and indulgence to other recipes you can find on our website!

Recipe Blog #9 – Rocky Road

Who doesn’t love rocky road? It’s got all your favourite chocolate bars in, plus loads of other tasty little bits! It’s a great way of finishing off packets of things. Throw in anything you fancy! This is no bake, but it can get kinda messy! Check out our Rocky Road recipe blog!

Recipe Blog #10 – Savoy Cake

Our Savoy Cake recipe will help you make a luxurious celebration cake using a Bundt ring mould. This classic savoy cake recipe goes perfectly with our method for making frosted berries. This one always sells well when it's on the counter!

Recipe Blog #11 – Frosted Berries

The recipe for these frosted berries are perfect for the topping on our savoy cake, or any other top of a cake, or mini cakes for that matter. They last for a little while in an air tight container in the fridge. They're also surprisingly really easy to do and add a touch of class to any cake for which they are a topping!

Recipe Blog #12 – Lining Paste

Make your own lining paste quickly and easily in our latest recipe blog. It really is the best stuff in the world; you can make a jar of it and leave it in the fridge. Brush it on any tin and nothing will stick. We use it mostly for bundt rings, where you need the batter to get right into the shapes to give you great definition. You can totally use it for any thing though!

Recipe Blog #13 – Frangipane Tarts

Frangipanes are little tart cases filled with an almond sponge. The mix is very easy to make, and you can store it in a piping bag, making it easier to pie straight into the cases! Check out our recipe for a lemon curd and blueberry frangipane, which can easily be adapted to include rhubarb or apricot.

Recipe Blog #14 – Italian Meringue

Lovely and light with a bit of chewiness. Or super soft Italian style. These Italian Meringues are not really as daunting as you might think. The trick really is to warm your sugar and to use cream of tartar. A clean bowl is super necessary. And whisk whisk whisk! Check out our new Italian Meringue recipe here.

Recipe Blog #15 – Cheesecake

Check out the the complete recipe for our acclaimed cheesecake! I mean look at it. Who wouldn't want to know how to bake one of these?! Need more inspiration? Pop in for a slice and a brew.

Recipe Blog #16 – Lemon Curd

Lemon curd is one of our very favourite toppings for toast. Its zesty and light. This recipe has a few uses other than gobbling it on toast. We use it to fill lemon tarts, or on top of sponge cakes or in lemon top muffins. This does need to be kept refrigerated once made but it is really easy to do.

Recipe Blog #17 – Friands

These little French cakes made with ground almonds go great on an afternoon tea. Play around with the flavours to create unique batches for your tea parties. Fruit, different coloured chocolate and even different shaped tins can give you endless options when making these sweet delights. The question is, which combo will you choose to make first?

Recipe Blog #18 – Pavlovas

Recipes involving meringue are often met with distain and fear from even the most accomplished of bakers. They needn't be! This light, chewy Italian classic is a doddle to make if you follow our recipe. Read on to discover the trick to making the perfect pavlova.

Recipe Blog #19 – Carrot Cake

Carrot Cake: A classic sweet treat that should be seen on anyone's table. There are loads of adaptations to this recipe to let you create your own bespoke cake, depending on what you do and don't like. Not a fan of cinnamon? No problem! Nut allergy? Leave them out! One thing that is mandatory, however, are the carrots.

Recipe Blog #20 – Bienen Kuchen or Bee Sting Cake

A German recipe. The Germans have a knack of making really tasty cakes, but it was a friend of ours that asked us to make it, and it turned out to be a bit of a hit at the bistro. This one is supposed to be yeasted. I don’t have very much luck with yeasted cakes, they just always come out heavy and miserable. Considering I’m the granddaughter of a baker, you would think I would’ve inherited some talent in the bread department. It still alludes me. […]

Recipe Blog #22 – Scones

Teatime isn’t complete without scones. Whether you prefer a fruit, a cheese or a plain. Straight from the oven, toasted, slathered in butter, cream or jam. Remember: the trick is to handle the dough as little as possible. My mother always said I had hot little hands – but Ian makes awesome scones! […]

Recipe blog #23 – Tubby Tinkers

We all know and love a Fat Rascal. They’re great toasted when they are a couple of days old or eaten just warm out of the oven. Crumbly and fruity, they’re liked a pimped up fruit scone. The recipe dates all the way back to the Elizabethan era. Cooks at the end of the day would bundle all the scraps of pastry together with fruit and bake them. In the 1983, the name was trade marked by a popular Yorkshire tearoom, so we cant and don’t call them fat rascals (for fear of being sued out of existence). As [...]

Recipe Blog #24 – Sausage Rolls

Go as fancy or as low key as you like with this one. This recipe is just for a bog standard pork sausage roll. - and you'll get six of the tasty little things

Recipe Blog #25 – Sugarless Fruit Loaf

This sugarless fruit cake will satisfy and sweet-toothed craving without the sugar! It contains dried fruit, so is full of natural sugars. Substitute any of our mentioned fruits for ones of your choice.