You’ve got that beautiful German bundt ring shoved in the back of the cupboard that you’ve used once, but half the cake got stuck? Hate baking sweet mince pies because the pastry cases get jammed to the moulds?  As professionals, we mostly use a grease spray, but sometimes this just doesn’t cut it, that’s when we turn to lining paste!

The best stuff in the world, you can make a jar of it and leave it in the fridge.  Brush it on any tin and nothing will stick.  We use it mostly for bundt rings, where you need the batter to get right into the shapes to give you great definition. You can totally use it for any thing though!

You will need:

  • Hand mixer or stand mixer with balloon whisk attachment

  • Jar or tub for storage


  • TRex (vegetable shortening) found in the butter isle of your supermarket

  • Vegetable oil

  • Plain flour or gluten free plain flour


Take 150g of flour and whisk together with 150g of the vegetable shortening until it forms a paste.

While whisking pour in 150ml of oil until it forms a smooth paste.

Pop it in your jar, keep it in the fridge. Use it every time you bake!

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