Super long and soppy post alert (get a brew!)

We started the Rabbit almost 6 years ago. A lot changes in 6 years. Firstly, We’d like to thank every single customer that has stood by us, who came and bought something from us or visited us at any of the food festivals and farmers markets.
We built our business around the idea of family and spending time together in comfortable surroundings. This seems ironic now that we don’t get time to spend as a family. So we’ve made the decision to take back some of our time.
Our daughter isn’t two yet, and we want to be present for her growing and learning. We will be closing Mondays and Tuesdays after today, so that we can spend more time with her, devote our spare time to her and be a family without dashing off to bake something.
This might not be forever, but it is for the time being. We hope you all understand.
All of our love,
Ian, Kirstine and Pickle. X